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Beauty pageant is a means of boosting nation’s economy – Murray Bruce


Beauty pageant

The Special Adviser, Tourism Development and Entertainment for Bayelsa, Guy Murray-Bruce, has said that pageantry had all it takes to boost the nation’s economy as a strong tourism potential.

Murray-Bruce, the Vice President, Silverbird Group said that Nigeria was an attractive site that everyone wanted to come and experience.

“Nigeria is very rich in tourism potential which is what some developed countries rely on to boost their economy, we have all it takes to get to that level with the efforts of entertainment industry,” he said.

He said that entertainment was a current project that attracted tourists into the country, especially with the unique natural resources and sites that the country was endowed with.

The entertainment specialist said that pageantry was fast gaining grounds in Nigeria as more young people and families were beginning to have interest and beliefs in the project.

He said that the Silverbird Pageantry, which had excelled into projecting the country to the entire world through the “Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN)” contest, had consistently done so for over 30 years.

According to him, Nigeria is already highlighted on the world map when Agbani Darego won Miss World beauty pageant, among other world stars, but our only set back is insecurity.

He said that the promotion of the country abroad through pageantry had a measurable success except that the challenge of insecurity had to be tackled.

“Most importantly, right now in Nigeria is to tackle the challenge of insecurity in some parts of the country.

“Once we are able to solve that challenge of insecurity, Nigeria will excel beyond bounds through tourism promotion because we have all it takes”.

He said that though there was no country without insecurity, but the spate of increase was becoming alarming especially for a developing nation.

Murray-Bruce noted that Nigeria was a beautiful place that everyone would want to visit, especially the western world that admire natural environment and creative designs.

“When our country completely quenches the issue of security, everyone abroad will want to come to Nigeria and experience the natural potential in the country.

“Beauty contest was a strong tourism promotion that attracted a lot of tourists into the country and so deserves greater promotion and support from all sectors.

“The outside world is inquisitive to see the tourism potential in the country because they know we have beautiful sites, beaches, highlands, lowlands, beautiful rivers, lakes, wildlife and lots more.

“Not just the sites, we also have beautiful people that are very hospitable with an accommodating wonderful climate,” he said.

Murray-Bruce also called on all Nigerians to collaborate with the authorities to ensure that insecurity was totally wiped so as to assure more tourists to come into the country to boost the nation’s tourism.

MBGN is a pageant organised by Ben Murray-Bruce’s Silverbird Group with the main purpose of sending representatives to international competitions.