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Avengers hit Exxon Mobile facility in Qua Iboe


Avengers say they have blown up

The Niger Delta Avengers militant group says it has blown up an Exxon Mobile facility in Qua Iboe.

The group made the announcement on its website Monday night.

“At about 7:30pm the Niger Delta Avengers blow up ExxonMobile Qua Iboe 48″ crude oil export pipeline,” the group’s spokesman Brig.Gen Mudoch Agbinibo wrote on the site. “When will these International Oil companies (IOC) learn to listen. We (Niger Delta Avengers) said no export.”

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The group who claims to be seeking a greater share of the resources mined in its community has claimed responsibility for blowing up several facilities in the Niger Delta region.

The group which vowed to ground oil production in the country has succeeded in bringing production in the country to its lowest in 30 years.

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However, Exxon Mobil Corp has denied such attacks by the Avengers.
“There were no attacks on our facilities,” said Exxon Mobil spokesman Todd Spitler.
Qua Iboe is Nigeria’s largest crude oil stream and exports from it usually amount to more than 300,000 barrels per day.