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Arewa group demands halt to improper military escort deployments


The Arewa Coalition for Security and Human Rights has raised concerns about the widespread misuse of military personnel as private security escorts, asserting that this practice undermines the credibility of the armed forces. 

In a statement issued by ACSHR Secretary Musa Abdullahi in Kaduna, the group called on the federal government to halt this concerning trend.

According to Abdullahi, “The indiscriminate use of military escorts for private purposes not only undermines the credibility of our armed forces but also raises profound questions about the principles of justice and fairness that underpin our democratic society.”

The ACSHR highlighted recent instances where heavily armed military personnel were improperly deployed as escorts for private individuals. 

The group urged for the responsible and judicious use of military personnel, emphasizing the need to align their deployment with established protocols and national security priorities.

Acknowledging the crucial role played by the armed forces in addressing security challenges, the ACSHR emphasized the importance of vigilance against any misuse of power and authority. 

“We advocate for the responsible and judicious use of military personnel, ensuring that their deployment aligns with established protocols and national security priority.

“While we acknowledge the crucial role played by our armed forces in addressing the myriads of security challenges facing our nation, we must also be vigilant against any misuse of their power and authority,” he stated.

The group called on Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief of Army Staff , to initiate investigations into allegations that influential individuals with connections to top military officers secure soldiers to intimidate people over personal issues.


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