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PHOTOS: Archaeologists unearth temple, coffins in Egypt


EPA Archaeologists have unearthed a temple and coffins at Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian site south of the capital, Cairo.

The EPA Archaeologists have been giving more details about their find.

News of the discovery of a temple broke on Saturday, and now experts have been talking about the contents of more than 50 coffins that were unearthed.

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One of the coffins belonged to a soldier and included his weapon – an axe.

Other objects found included masks, wooden boats and a length of papyrus.

Written on it was a chapter from what was described as a “book of the dead.”

Newly discovered mummies dating back to the New Kingdom 3000 BC at the funerary temple EPACopyright: EPA Games that the ancient Egyptians liked were placed in among the mummified corpses, so they could play them in the afterlife.

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The chief archaeologist said it was believed that those who won at a game called “Senet” would pass on to paradise.

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