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Aphasia: 10 things to know about actor Bruce Willis’ rare medical condition


Movie buffs expressed shock on Wednesday when news filtered in that Hollywood action hero, Bruce Willis, is retiring from acting after he was diagnosed with Aphasia.

WuzupNigeria earlier reported how the actor’s ex-wife, Demi Moore, released a statement announcing the 67-year-old’s retirement.

Until now, not many individuals, except healthcare professionals, have heard about the Die-Hard actor’s medical condition.

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Below are 10 things worth knowing about Aphasia.

1. Aphasia is a condition that robs one of the ability to properly communicate.

2. It can occur suddenly after a stroke or head injury or develop slowly from a growing brain tumour or disease.

3. Aphasia affects a person’s ability to express and understand written and spoken language.

4. Once the underlying cause is treated, the main treatment for aphasia is speech therapy.

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5. People with Aphasia may have different patterns of strengths and weaknesses.

6. Aphasia is of three types, namely; Expressive, Comprehensive and Global Aphasia.

7. The medical condition can create numerous quality-of-life problems because communication is so much a part of life.

8. Most likely a doctor would request an imaging test, usually an MRI, to quickly identify what’s causing the aphasia.

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9. Aphasia is majorly caused by damage to the language-dominant side of the brain, usually the left side.

10. Diagnosis of aphasia, extent of disorder, and prediction for successful treatment may be assessed and confirmed by a set of comprehensive language tests conducted by a speech-language pathologist.