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APC National Chairmanship: When silence is no longer golden BY Chinedu David


At a time that Nigerians, members and supporters of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are expecting the party to get its acts right and to effectively and efficiently manage the transition period leading to the March 26 national convention, it appears that it is really at a crossroads.

Apparently, whether by accident or a design, the APC is embroiled in an internal schism capable of hurting the party and possibly truncating its chances to hold onto power in the 2023 elections.

From what may appear as healthy agitations for the control of the party, which is indeed, natural among political parties, especially as the country approaches another election year, the festering turmoil within the APC, however, has potentials to derail the aspirations of the party to retain power.

Even though the crisis began long after the party’s congresses, leading to the setting up of the party’s national reconciliation committee, which from indications, has failed to reconcile aggrieved members, the matter got to a head after the media carried a report that President Muhammadu Buhari may have endorsed Senator Abdullahi Adamu, as candidate for the post of the national chairman of the party.

Since then, the crisis within the party snowballed, as events spiralled to push the APC towards the precipice. First, there were visible disappointments and disagreements over the purported endorsement. The other aspirants view the alleged endorsement as a travesty of justice and a rash decision that is not acceptable to a majority of critical stakeholders.

With the reported denouncement of the alleged endorsement by none other than the presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, who issued a statement to the effect that the president is yet to adopt any candidate, the ray of hope was, however, short-lived, as it appears more than ever before, that a few individuals are using their closeness to President Buhari to pursue personal agendas.

Whether there was endorsement or not, the decision to foist Senator Adamu on the party, is becoming an albatross on the neck of the APC and if not carefully handled, may lead to disastrous consequences on the fortunes of the party.

Many agree that Senator Adamu, though qualified to lead the party, may not be the appropriate person to be made national chairman of the APC because among the other aspirants, there are even more qualified and suitable candidates that should be given consideration first.

The arguments against Senator Adamu are numerous albeit worthy of consideration. Senator Adamu is weak from old age. He certainly will not withstand the rigours of political campaigns leading to the 2023 general election.

Recently, at a time when efforts are geared towards ensuring national unity, Senator Adamu was vociferous when he was reported in the media denouncing zoning of the seat of the president between the North and South.

This gentleman arrangement between the two regions of the country, has been a veritable tool for the fostering of national unity and as such any politician clamouring for the rejection of such must not be given the opportunity to lead a political party, especially the APC that was formed from a merger of regional parties.

Of most concern to members and supporters of the APC, is that if actually President Buhari endorsed Senator Adamu, then he should have a rethink because it will appear he will be rewarding disloyalty instead of recognizing the loyalty and contributions towards the growth of the party by individuals like Senator Umaru Tanko Al-makura.

It’s even inconceivable that, after the APC in Nasarawa State unanimously endorsed Senator Al-makura for the position of the national chairman, President Buhari could choose to ignore this development and go ahead to endorse Senator Adamu. This is certainly not a wise decision, no matter the reasons given.

Senator Al-makura’s loyalty and contributions to the formation and growth of the APC is enough to guarantee him respect and trust within the folds of the party.