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ANYONE WHO MAKES A PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS MUST STAND BY IT! Bishop Okonkwo says church leaders must apologies for unfulfilled prophecies


The General Overseer of The Redeemed Evangelical Mission, Bishop Mike Okonkwo, has said that there is nothing wrong if the prophetic declaration of church leaders failed to come to pass.

However, he advised the “Men of God” to apologise to the church afterwards.

The former President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria said this during a recent interview with Leadership, while speaking on Nigeria’s politics and economic development.

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See some excerpts of the interview:

Should church leaders make prophetic declarations on political matters?

“Anyone who makes a prophetic declaration let him stand by his prophetic declaration, if it didn’t come to pass let him come and apologise to the church that he lied. There is nothing wrong that you make a prophesy and out went over the bar, come to church and tell the church that you lied. What annoys me is that you come and begin to paint it, I didn’t say it this way because I said it this way, that is nonsense. You make a prophesy, it fails, you are a human being, come to the church and say I fail”.

As we approach 2019, are you surprised at the manner of turbulence in our political system?

“No, we will still see more, I’m not surprised, I still believe that before the election, if there will be any, that we will still see more of nonsense going on in the polity. For me, I feel abused, I feel insulted by the politicians, I feel that they are raping Nigerians. You move from this party to the other, then tomorrow you move again, the same people recycling the same people and you are rubbing it on the face of Nigerians, I feel insulted as far as I’m concerned and I believe that through it all, God is up to something concerning this country. And His plan concerning Nigeria will be fulfilled no matter what anyone thinks. We will continue to navigate, in every tough situation God knows how to bring out the good. At the end of this whole thing that we are seeing, we will see the good that God will bring out of it”.

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