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All I did was to protect you and kids, teary Annie Idibia replies elder brother


Hours after she was called out on social media, actress and mother of two, Annie Idibia, has finally responded to her elder brother’s lengthy rant.

WuzupNigeria reported that the actress’ eldest brother, Wisdom Macaulay, had publicly called her out over allegations that she threatened his life and introduced him to drugs.

Wisdom claimed Annie Idibia took away his means of livelihood and treated him like a slave while he was working for her.

Wisdom Macaulay added that the actress is violent in nature and is a drug addict.

An emotional Annie defended herself by dropping a statement in the comment section of Wisdom’s post.

The actress revealed that she has been the one feeding him and paying all his bills since she started earning money.

She said, “Oh Wizy….why big bro why…
Wisdom….why all these lies against your ONLY sister…ur younger sister, all I ever do d was protect you n ur kids…

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“Since we grew up bro, have u ever paid for house rent in your entire life? You live in a 3 bedroom flat fully furnished with everything u need for u n kids.

“Wisdom u have 3 kids, have u ever paid for their school fees since they were born? Your oldest 9 for 9 years since ur wife start making babies..have u ever paid for hospital bills for any of your kids? Have u ever paid school fees?

“Oh Wizy how many cats have I bought for you..since God started blessing me! You say work for me…how??? Where???? After dad died…the car I had bought for him told u to service the jeep.. you sold d car without telling me..all I have was love u n your kids!!

“Every Xmas I make sure they all get something new…I even make sure ur wife isn’t aware! How many times have I given u millions Wizy, how many times….but u are way too irresponsible, bcos I don’t have the heart to watch ur kids go hungry!

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“Keep blackmailing me that u will kill ur self! I have receipts on my online banking. N proof! Why do you wanna destroy this lil careeer I have worked so hard to make…this is where I make 80percent of my money! Same money I used to send ur kids to ur rent! All ur hospital bills! Why would you want to destroy your own sister.

“Just yesterday ur wife called crying they sent your kids home….for sch bus…money I already gave u since! I paid straight to the school. Why Wizy! I want to be manager… I said ‘I am sorry I don’t think it’s something I can do…till u get the help you need…’

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” How many cats have I bought for you bro? How many? I duped my friend n had to pay! You took 2 different loans from banks… I had to pay for you..just so it doesn’t get out of this space! Wizzy what more can I sister do! What? I have my family too..m. I hate all these lies why! I am at the peak of my career! Pls bro…why this lies!!!

“JUST BECAUSE I SAID U CANT BE MY MANAGER! I have so many voice notes from ur wife! I won’t disgrace u n put it out here! I am tired! Do as u like! The universe will protect me, my hard work, my kids, my family.

“Let the world believe anything! My name is Annie! I am not the lies you are saying! I work dm hard…not lazy! Entitlement! Wow bro! I wish u well.”