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American lady narrates how Nigerian man humbled her after she played hard to get


An American lady left dumbfounded by the action of a Nigerian man making love advances at her has taken to Twitter to share how she was humbled by the man’s action.

In a series of tweets via her handle @flow_witme, the lady said in her attempt to play hard to get, which is a common practice among ladies, she cancelled a date appointment with the man, but his subtle reaction to her rejection threw her off balance.

I coudnt do nothing but respect it lmao,” she tweeted

The lady tweeted:

“I tried to play w/ a Nigerian nigga once (canceled the first date) & instead of getting upset, he simply replied “say less” & within a week I swear this man had a new bitch, built a brand new home, started a whole ass business & hasn’t uttered a single word to me since

“Bitch I don’t give af who you are. You have me & life completely fucked up…watch this” Heard you bruh. Heard you loud & clear.

“Not gonna lie. This was humbling af but more than anything it was refreshing. as women we’re so used to being chased that we tend to take the wrong guys for granted. It’s nice to see some of you are no nonsense, have solid standards & aren’t moved by a pretty face & a fat ass.”

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Reacting to the viral tweet, another Twitter user wrote:

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