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Ali Baba mocks mom of Queen’s College student fighting security over daughter’s eyelashes


Ali Baba Queen's

Veteran Nigerian comedian Ali Baba has mocked a parent of Queen’s College student seen in a viral video engaging in a brawl with the school’s security guard.

WuzupNigeria reports that the mother became an internet sensation after her video and her daughter went viral on social media.

The student was reportedly denied entry into the school by the security for fixing eyelashes and painting her nails, enraged by the security guard’s action, the mom engaged the man in a brawl, holding his uniform and ready to go physical.

It took the intervention of some staff of the school before the woman let go of the man after claiming she was harassed.

Reacting to the woman’s action, Ali Baba reposted the videos on his verified Instagram page with a taunting caption.

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He captioned:

“Happy Mother’s Day… slay queen… from queens’ college. Not Queens’ College ooo. Because there are rules. (Let me come use this video to weed out some senseless people from my timeline).”

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Some social media users who do not align with the comedian’s stance on the woman’s action have camped in the comment section of his IG post to air their opinion.

@superdavekid wrote:

“I’m not understanding the comments, lol. Nigerians are quick to just talk without processing, the girl wore eyelashes to school and so? Kids of this age are experimental, that doesn’t mean she’s like your comments. Let’s be guided, and ‘Things aren’t always like they are seen, until actually known’.”

@Bunmiamosu wrote:

“This drama was needless. Get the mother and daughter to see the school authority, tell them the rules have been flouted, while at it prepare the suspension letter and hand it to them. Chikena. Why must we alway display madness to make points. Plus security plus mother, why all the bad press?”

Popular OAP and actress Lolo seems to be on the same page with Ali Baba wrote in the comment section:

“Sometimes… I wonder what this generation will become but I know the bible truth na end time we dey lawlessness is now the new normal..boundaries eroded and this is still the beginning… Uhmmmm.”

@mideawe wrote:

“I graduated from QC 2000, dyeing your hair that time was punishable,not to talk of eyelashes ,we didn’t even how or where to even wear false lashes, you didn’t make your hair right and the security could turn you back ,her mum has just embarrassed her and hopefully the girl isn’t expelled.”


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See Ali Baba’s IG post: