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Akwa Ibom closes Chinese firm over environmental pollution


The Akwa Ibom State Government has taken the decision to permanently close down the Chinese firm, Golden Tripod Company, due to environmental pollution concerns.

The government had previously ordered the company to relocate from the city center to a suburb along Ikot Ekpene Road, Uyo, in August, because of environmental pollution.

Despite this directive, the firm illegally resumed operations, which prompted Governor Pastor Umo Eno to order its permanent closure.

During the State Executive Council meeting in Uyo on Thursday, the governor expressed his concerns, stating, “EXCO frowned at the illegal reopening of the Chinese company, Golden Tripod Company, which has been accused of undertaking operations that are hazardous to human health and inimical to the environment. It was resolved that the facility be permanently closed down and an alternative land allocated to them at the industrial estate at Itam.”

Additionally, Governor Eno approved an emergency intervention in Afia Nsit Village in Eket Local Government Area to address erosion issues and reconstruct a damaged road section.