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Ahmed Musa condemns Plateau attacks


Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa has strongly condemned the recent surge of violence in Plateau State, emphasizing the imperative for unity in combating the ongoing turmoil. 

The Super Eagles forward born in Jos has urged fellow Nigerians to stand together against the terrorists causing havoc, particularly underscoring the unsettling situation in Mangu Local Government Area.

“In the last few months, there has not been peace in Plateau state, especially in Mangu Local Government Area,” stated Musa, reflecting on the persistent unrest that has gripped the region.

Expressing his heartfelt plea for peace, Musa shared a poignant message on his social media page, stating, “Our state is hurting, and we need to come together. The fights, the killings – it’s too much. We are all one big family, no matter our religion.”

With a resolute tone, Musa implored leaders to prioritize the safety and well-being of Plateau residents, highlighting the need to restore the state’s once-renowned tranquility. “Plateau used to be known as the Home of Peace and Tourism. We want that back,” he asserted, echoing the sentiments of many affected by the violence.

In his concluding remarks, Musa rallied for solidarity among citizens, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and collective action in restoring peace. “Let’s stand side by side, no matter our religion. Hold hands, pray, and ask for peace. We can do this if we all work together,” he urged.

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