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Again, Toke Makinwa courts Twitter controversy over damning verdict on African parents [Video]


Popular OAP Toke Makinwa has once again court controversy on social media barely three days after she was trolled over her comment on a viral video of a woman fighting her husband’s side chick in Lagos

WuzupNigeria reported that Toke’s series of tweets about the viral video attracted a series of backlashes from Twitter users.

She is presently trending on Twitter NG again over her latest vlog where she gave a damning verdict on African parents.

Toke described them as the worst in the world and blamed them for “ruining lives” of their children with unorthodox child-raising values, which according to her are “screwing up” lives.

In the vlog, the media personality also addressed issues spanning parents’ intolerance for opposite-sex friendship, their dictative stance on career choices, as well as their “penchant” for instilling fear in children.

She said:

“Thanks to African parents for ruining our lives. Growing up in an African home, there are certain things we never had the balls to say. Even now, I’m 35. I still can’t stand up to my parents,” she said.

“African parents are the worst set of parents in the whole wide world. You never have an option on things that are coming in an African home. As a child, you’re told what to read in school.

“They don’t tell you what you’re good at but what they think you should be doing. It’s like, ‘I want to have a doctor, so my child must read medicine.’ Even if you do shit in maths, you’ll be an accountant.

“African parents don’t apologize. They’re never wrong. Doesn’t that bother you? How dare you say they are wrong? You almost become less confident because of the scoldings of an African mother.”

She added that the failure of African parents to discuss matters regarding sex and their prohibitory stance on having boyfriends has caused many to have relationship problems in adulthood.

“They told us to stay away from boys. We did for so long that we don’t have boyfriends. But when you’re older and are yet to marry, they call all sorts of pastors to pray for you. Something is wrong!”

Many Nigerians have taken to Twitter reacting to the OAP’s vlog. While some are ripping her apart and calling for her heads, others are corroborating her claims, saying she has said the truth.

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Some ascribed the outrage trailing the vlog to the perceived hatred many social media users have for the celebrity OAP.

@NekkaSmith tweeted:

I read all your polarized tweets on Toke’s parents. I know a good majority of you got love from your parents +me. Ever thought about parents who transferred their aggression&failures to their kids, put them in that space then oppressed their kids?

Tilting towards how African parents wouldn’t let their kids oppose them, hardly apologize, no info about relationships with the opposite sex, insisting on the course of study etc. This is no fault of the African parent. A continent that is still battling with poverty ?

Faulty and outdated school system, poor infrastructure, absence of electricity & a million years behind the world. When we tell you guys who mingle with the high and mighty to have deliberate conversations about making things work you assume we are ranting.

Many have not seen the light yet and this may never be achieved if we remain the dark continent.



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