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After being joined traditionally, my wife still won’t have s3x with me, insists on white wedding, man cries out


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This post tells the interesting story of a woman who has chosen to refuse her man s3x even after he has fulfilled all traditional marriage rites.

From his narration, it can be gathered that they had agreed to practice abstinence until the night of their wedding when the aggrieved man asked his bride to be

“What if we are done with traditional marriage rites are we still not gonna have s*x?”

To his surprise, she said we wouldn’t until they were done with church wedding but “I did not actually take her seriously,” he says.

After suffering in silence, he took to an online forum in Nigeria to share his story and seek the advice of social media users.

It would appear that the faith of the lady is the stumbling block.

Get the full gist below:

“Hello friends, I greet you all. Trust your day is going well? It is with a very heavy heart and confused state of mind I sent this post on this platform so you can advise me on what line of action I should take. Pastors and genuine men of God should also advise me on what to do as well.

“There is this lady I have been dating for about a year and 6 months now. We love each other to the moon and most importantly we respect each other opinion and decisions. She is a born again Christian who appreciates the things of God more than she appreciates me which of course I have no issues with.

“When we agreed to start up a relationship after being friends for about 6 months, it was agreed that there will be no s*x until the wedding night but at a point I asked her “what if we are done with traditional marriage rites are we still not gonna have s*x? To my greatest surprise, she said we won’t until church wedding is done. I did not actually take her serious.

“Fast forward, on the 15th of July 2019, the traditional marriage was done in her father’s compound in the east and all I was asked to pay and give was paid and given without any remainder.

“After the traditional marriage, we went back to my house in Abuja. Note that we were not staying together before now. I am based in Abuja while she is in Owerri, Imo State. When we got home that night, I told her we can now make love as husband and wife since the traditional rites have been done and most importantly the bride price paid. To my amazement, my wife bluntly refused. She told me she will never compromise her stand on pre-marital s*x

“I have been very faithful to our agreement based on her claim that she is a virgin. But refusing me my right over her body after everything including the bride price has been paid is something I can never subscribe to and to this end I have involved her parent and her pastor her decision, however, still remain no sex till the wedding night. I am putting the wedding on hold for now until she willingly allows me to make love to her and she seems not to be comfortable with my decision as well.

“This is the dilemma I have found myself please I need your wise counsels on this. Thanks and remain blessed.”

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