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Afghan government seeks to end ongoing war, violence


Sediqqi said a government team intends to achieve the aim via the ongoing peace talks with the Taliban in the Qatari capital of Doha.

The landmark intra-Afghan peace talks started on Saturday after both sides successfully completed a long-awaited prisoner exchange arrangement.

Ahmad Nader Naderi, a member of the government’s negotiating team, earlier said that the participants had reached some progress during the Sunday contact group session, as they discussed schedules of upcoming meetings and relevant issues.

Sediqqi however wrote on his twitter “the purpose of the Afghan government’s negotiating team in the peace talks is to end the war and violence, ceasefire and ensure lasting peace and stability in the country.’’

Washington and the Taliban agreed on a peace deal on February 29, with this agreement intended to pave the way for the immediate commencement of intra-Afghan talks.

However, this dialogue was delayed multiple times as both the government in Kabul and the insurgent group disagreed over the prisoner exchange process.