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Adopt a child while waiting, gospel artiste who had twins after 24 years advises women


Nigeria’s Lady of Gospel songs and quintessential artiste, Aity Dennis, did not have her first set of children till 24 years after marriage. She shares her experiences in this short interview.

The year is in the third quarter. How has 2019 been for Aity Dennis?

This year has been remarkable and fulfilling. I have seen God’s hand of mercy and favour in different facets of my life: my family, my music career and all.

You recently won an award in the US. What does the award mean to you?

The music Mentors Award I got recently in Houston is about my first international award. To tell you the truth, it took me unawares and it simply makes me know that whatever efforts we put into our endeavours do not go unnoticed. The aim is not to set out to get noticed, I just generally pour out my life into whatever I want to do. I pursue all my goals passionately. And voila! Here comes commendation from somewhere in another section of the globe where you never thought you were making any impact. It’s encouraging.

We gather that you also just shot a new video. Could you shed light, and how is your collabo with Eben doing?

Actually I have done three videos this year. I released the video of YOU ARE THE GREATEST, my collabo piece with Eben in May this year. The song is doing so impressively well and I thank God. I shot another one in Houston with Jane Amzat, a Gospel artiste based in the US. She got me to collaborate with her on her song, it is a worship piece titled YAHWEH. It has just been released in the US. The third one was for my home state Akwa Ibom State. We did a Unity Song titled TOGETHER. The song featured 14 prominent artistes of Akwa Ibom descent like Nathaniel Bassey, Goodie Goodie, Freke Umoh, Mista Xto, Sir Wilker, Godfada, Queen Favour, Ikpa Udo, Dan E, Princess Hilda, yours truly and others. The video was released recently during the period of our state anniversary. It’s a call to all Akwa Ibomites to come together, so we can move forward and build our state. Don’t forget my state is Number 1. Like I’ve sung severally, ‘A’ is no more for ‘Apple’, ‘A’ is now for ‘Akwa Ibom’. You are free to call your state whatever you like, but as for me, my state is tops any day! Yeah, I almost forgot, I got the Tribe of Judah, Sure Word Assembly’s Contemporary Choir together and we released a single in July, it’s titled, FLOURISHING. No dulling at all!

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You and your hubby celebrated 29 years of marital bliss. How has the journey been?

The journey has been interesting, challenging and educating. Actually, when you dance on your wedding day down the aisle, you don’t have the faintest clue what you are going to be faced with. I think marriage is one of the greatest demonstrations of faith there is in life! I thank God for how He has helped us to not only enjoy our union but to be used to build up and strengthen other marriages!

When you look back, what has been your happiest moment this last 29 years?

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I think humanly speaking, it is very obviously the coming of our children after it was, almost like what I read in my French Literature, En Attendant Godot (waiting for godot!).

What were the low points of the last 29 years?

Well, as human beings we have had some low points… But no matter how low the points were, God’s grace and strength got us back up stronger than before on our feet, pursuing purpose. That’s the beauty of life: until we win, it’s not over.

Your story is one of a miracle. For 24 years you waited on the Lord and then He blessed you with twins. What is your advice for childless Couples?

He has not just blessed me with twins, but three able-bodied, unstoppable, intelligent emblems of God’s Faithfulness: Lovely, Awesome and Gladsome Dennis-Inyang! Wow! I don’t know when I will eventually recover from the fact that I eventually became a mother of children! For waiting couples, I’ve always said, don’t give up yet, it can happen at any time. Don’t allow anyone or anything make you turn and fight each other, bond together and fight the challenge together. That’s the only way you can win. Please while waiting, adopt a baby or babies. As you sow into the lives of those children, God will surprise you.

What new project should we expect from you before the end of 2019?

I am working on a new single titled YOU BLOW MY MIND. It is a Naija beat fusion of English and Igbo! it’s loading! Don’t blink!!! it will hit the airwaves shortly. I am also getting set for my annual UNSTOPPABLE PRAISE concert in November. With God, we are absolutely unstoppable!

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Leah Sharibu was kidnapped by Boko Haram a couple of years ago, as immediate past Lagos Chairman of FOGMMON, what did you do to pressure the Federal Government for her release?

We didn’t just sit down and look, music is our weapon, so we used it. For the first time in the history of Gospel music in Nigeria, during my tenure as Lagos Chairman, we pooled Gospel artistes from all over the nation, gathered them in Lagos and released a piece to make our stance known. We also released several pieces individually and as a group to call on the Federal Government to get her released like her companions were. The most recent piece was released by our International Chairman, Dr Panam Percy Paul. This is apart from press releases by our International President, Asu Ekiye. But we can only call on the Government, it is their place to answer our call and the call of several others and get Leah released. Today it is Leah, it could be anybody else’s child tomorrow!

After 29 years, how would you describe your husband?

I have come to know him as a loving man who would go to great lengths to ensure his family is comfortable and happy. He is a peaceful man, an excellence-driven visionary and life coach. In fact, I have always said that without his input in my life and music, I do not think I would have gotten to this point. He gives me wings to soar and allows me to express my calling. My husband is a good man.