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Adeboye predicts end of COVID-19 pandemic, urges prayers against fire outbreaks, floods


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The General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, said on Sunday that end would soon come to COVID-19 pandemic and humanity would soon return to normalcy.

The cleric made the disclosure during a telecast Sunday service on Dove Television Station.

Adeboye, who started the sermon by declaring that he had good news for the people, however, warned that all humans must give glory to God for the victory that is approaching.

He said,

“We want to bless the name of the Lord for yet another Sunday. Please, continue to thank the almighty God mercy. I believe I have good news for us; I believe that the return journey to normalcy has started. I believe God that your pastors will soon return to their normal duties. Maybe at most, I will spend one more Sunday with you after which the pastors would be back to their duties in Jesus mighty name.”

The clergyman, who indicated that the return journey to normalcy might not be rapid, said, “I sincerely hope that we would remember to give all glory to God. We thank for government; we thank God for efforts so far made. I believe they have done creditably well. It was a situation they had never seen before, but I would suggest that may be, in the future, they would include in their committees, men of God.

“I am not talking of small men like myself; I am talking of Chief Imams and Arch Bishops so that they can help them with the spiritual aspect of this warfare. I sincerely do hope that we would not admit that it is not our wisdom, not our ability, not our planning that had given us whatever victory that we have already got.

“We need to return all the glory to God because as the elders would say, rain can send you to the same hut more than once. We need to really give all the glory to God because we don’t want the victory that we had won so far to be reversed. If you ask any doctor, he would tell you that the most difficult kind of cancer to handle is the one that relapses. We don’t want a relapse of this scourge. May I remind all of us that, like I said at the very beginning, coronavirus, by the special grace of God, will recede. But, don’t let anyone deceive you; it is not going to disappear 100percent. Flu came about 100 years or so ago and it receded. Ebola came and it receded.

“Let’s give all the glory back to God. He would see to it that our victory is permanent in Jesus name. In all our churches all over the country prayer warriors have been crying to God for mercy. You would remember I have been asking you to keep praying to God for mercy for Nigeria. Please, don’t stop and don’t let this crisis take your eyes off the prayer points that I gave you earlier in the year against fire outbreaks and floods. We really need to pray; we have seen some fire outbreaks. We need to pray because the real big one is on the way; we don’t want it to happen at all.

“As soon as this lockdown is over, please clear all your gutters and all the waterways before the rain begins. Please, pray against floods. There is very little we can do other than pray against storms and other things like that. Be assured, in my own little corner, I am talking to God and I know He hears me; He would have mercy on all of us.”

Reading from the books of Psalms, chapter 30 verse 5, he decreed that joy would arrive speedily for all mankind physically, materially, in health as well as spiritually.

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