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Abuja authorities to demolish 500 Illegal structures within 24 hours


The Department of Development Control, under the Federal Capital Territory Administration, has given a 24-hour demolition notice to the owners of 500 unauthorized markets and makeshift structures along the Karmo – Dei-Dei Road corridor in Abuja.

The Sector Monitor and Assistant Director in the department, Mr. Garba Jibril, stated, “The demolition of the unauthorized structures is necessary as they cause disturbances on the road and contribute to significant traffic congestion, particularly on market days.”

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Jibril further explained that the FCTA had granted a contract for the development of the Life Camp – Dei-Dei Road, but traders along the road corridor were obstructing the contractors from commencing their work.

He emphasized the seriousness of the 24-hour notice, stating that non-compliance would have consequences for those involved.

Additionally, Jibril revealed that the traders have been directed to relocate to the officially designated Karmo Market, which is fully developed and equipped with all required facilities. However, the traders have been reluctant to move despite meetings and promises of incentives.

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“We are hoping that after the demolition, there will be a successful relocation from the road corridor to the main market. This will not only maintain a serene environment but also ensure the free flow of traffic in the area,” Jibril said.

In related efforts, the Directorate of Road Transport Services under the FCTA initiated the demolition of unauthorized structures, including shops and eateries, at various taxi ranks across Abuja in January.

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Head of Operations at DRTS, Mrs. Deborah Osho, led the effort, aiming to create space for legitimate taxis to operate within the ranks and eliminate illegal taxi parks throughout the city.