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A sitting president may die, Primate Ayodele says as he releases 2020 prophecies on US, UK, others


Primate Ayodele

The founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele, has released prophecies for the year 2020 on world powers and other countries.

Ayodele, who is famous for his regular prophetic predictions, made the revelations public during Christmas at his annual gathering.

The cleric declared that the African Union (AU) will run into crisis. He predicted coup in an African state and that a sitting president may die.

Ayodele added that there will be attempts to form countries from existing to pull out of existing nations.

Excerpts below:

TOGO: I foresee people creating problem for this current government, it will face serious moves by those who want another person in power.

CHINA: Let the country rebuke earthquake and earth tremor. The country will make series of effort to dominate most of the African countries. China will have several issues to contend with. America and China issues will not end.

PAKISTAN: There will be a major flood and more troubles in the country.

INDIA: I foresee flood and a major natural disaster that will render many people homeless.

LIBYA: There will be a major protest. Killings will be rampant in the country.

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NORTH KOREA: The country will not form an Alliance with America and this will be a threat to the world but will go on negotiation. North Korea will work hard to achieve their aims and plans.

LEBANON: There will be crisis and attack in Lebanon. I see a new government in the country and the governments will a lot to stabilize the economy of the country but may not have effects.

SOUTH AFRICA: The President will have problems with members of the Senate. The xenophobic attacks will continue.

ZIMBABWE: There will be unrest and people will ask for a change of government. Flood will destroy some places in the country.

ISRAEL: The head of their capital will be changed. There will be unexpected attack in Israel. Foreigners in the country will be attacked.

GHANA: Opposition will unseat the present government in Ghana.

SRI LANKA: The country will experience troubles and massive attack.

SAUDI ARABIA: There will be confusion over some government changes. The country’s oil facilities will be blown and will witness price fluctuations of petroleum products. Dubai United Emirate must be careful of unforeseen crises and missile attack.

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SOMALIA: Somalia will be attacked and also face crisis. The farm crops will be attacked by locust. The government will have so many issues. I foresee prolonged protests. Terrorists will strike in the country.

MALI: There will be gang up against the Malian president. The country should pray against protests and disorderliness.

GUINEA: The country will carry out a major protests against the present government and demand the incumbent president’s resignation.

FRANCE: The president will face some challenges and I foresee protest and attack in the country. France President should rebuke blackmail and pray for stability. His move for a second term will face face opposition as his party may experience internal troubles. Medical personnel will threaten strike.

RUSSIA: Russia and Iran will take several bilateral steps. Russia will face crisis, attacks and unexpected killings even as they country will witness shootings. The country will be faced with economic challenges and must be watchful about disbursing war planes to some countries.

GERMANY: Germany will face major problems and challenges in stabilizing their economy and expectations. Let’s pray against unexpected attack. There will be major calamities and protest in the country. The government should be careful as there will be new economic issue.

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UNITED KINGDOM: Boris Johnson will have major challenges and will not be able to fix the economy. I foresee difficulties ahead of him. There will be heatwave in United Kingdom. The country will experience climate changes and disasters. The country will witness attack and fire outbreak. UK will lose a prominent person. UN will face challenges there and they should against killings of their staffs. The UK and EU talk will not be fruitful.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: America will be attacked like that of September 11. There will be crisis in FBI and CIA as they will get some information wrong. Trump impeachment will not be realistic. Trump efforts to have a second term will be difficult. If the Democrats want to win, they should work Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Joe Biden will be the best candidate to unseat Trump. I see more killings in schools, shooting of policemen, fire outbreak, flood and an emergency situation in the country that may want to disrupt the power supply. FBI Director will be changed. America will lose a prominent person.