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35-year-old suspect learns money ritual from Facebook groups


A 35-year-old suspect, Akeem, who stands accused of the gruesome murder of 18-year-old Obafemi Awolowo University student Quadri Salami, has disclosed that he learned about the use of human heads for money rituals through Facebook groups.

The arrest of Akeem by detectives from the Ogun State Police Command unfolded a disturbing tale of how the suspect allegedly murdered Quadri Salami to obtain body parts for sale.

The mystery surrounding Quadri’s disappearance, which lasted almost a month, began to unravel after the victim’s father reported him missing on November 14.

Police spokesperson SP Omolola Odutola revealed that Akeem was apprehended following technical investigation and intelligence gathering.

The subsequent search led to the discovery of Quadri’s decomposing body parts in a shallow grave on December 6, 2023, at Akeem’s residence in Mile 6, Ajebo area of Abeokuta.

Akeem’s chilling confession detailed how he engaged in the gruesome act, revealing the dark influence of social media on his actions.

He admitted, “In divination and native medicine training, we were not taught to use human heads. I learnt it from Facebook accounts after joining the groups. They would write about things to use for rituals, and I would copy and put them in writing for use.”

The suspect further disclosed his involvement in obtaining two human heads from another native doctor, Ifayemi, who is currently on the run.

Akeem detailed the process, stating, “I got two human heads from a native doctor, Ifayemi. He is currently on the run. Before I got them, another native doctor, Ifaniyi, told me that he needed them. I told Ifayemi, and when he got one, he brought it and charged N50,000 for it.”

Akeem’s account of the horrifying crime included the dismemberment of Quadri’s body, with specific body parts sold to Ifaniyi for N130,000.

To cover his tracks, Akeem reportedly burned Quadri’s clothes, discarded his footwear and phone, and buried the remaining body parts in a plastic bucket soaked in alcohol.

When questioned about how he learned of the victim, Quadri, Akeem narrated, “Quadri was learning barbing from a man, Ahmed. I used to barb in the shop too. One day, the boss called me and said that he was told to perform rites to the god of iron (bo ogun) for Quadri. The barber brought Quadri, and I carried out the task.”

The second suspect, Ifaniyi, who purchased Quadri’s head and palm, expressed his ignorance about the murder, stating that he thought the body was exhumed and not killed.

He stated “he (Akeem) said that the body from which the parts were got was freshly exhumed as he was told. I paid N130,000”

“The following day, I checked the nylon and saw that the head and palm were still fresh. I called my colleague and asked if he was sure that the body was exhumed and not that someone was killed. He repeated that it was exhumed, most likely on the day it was buried.”

The barber, Ahmed, who had Quadri as an apprentice, expressed shock at Akeem’s actions, stating, “I knew him [Akeem] long ago when he was selling phones and accessories. He was so nice that he would even give a phone or accessories free of charge if one didn’t have money.”

The suspects are currently under investigation at the State Criminal Investigation Department in Eleweran, Abeokuta, and are expected to face prosecution after further inquiries.