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10 facts to note about #PalmSunday


10 facts about #PalmSunday, palm branches, Good Friday, Christendom,

In Christendom, Palm Sunday is regarded as the triumphant week before Easter, which heralds the Holy Week.

It is the day that Christians all over the world commemorate the triumphant entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.


Below are 10 facts you probably didn’t know about Palm Sunday.


  1. Palm Sunday is also called “Passion Sunday.”
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  1. A notable feature is a procession before Mass


  1. Palm Sunday serves as a symbol of goodness and victory


  1. Palm Sunday is about peace and salvation


  1. It is the day Jesus fulfilled Old Testament prophecy


  1. Significance of crowd connotes recognition of Christ as messianic king


  1. The palm branch was also a symbol of spiritual triumph over death.
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  1. In the absence of palm branches, other forms of greenery can be used during procession


  1. Many churches celebrate Palm Sunday with re-enactments


  1. Palm Sunday precedes Good Friday, which heralds Easter