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Why I stopped smoking weed – Bella Shmurda


Nigerian artist Bella Shmurda has candidly revealed that he decided to quit smoking weed because it was causing him anxiety.

The ‘Cash App’ hitmaker shared his personal journey during an episode of the ‘In My Opinion’ podcast, shedding light on the reasons behind his decision to abstain from marijuana.

Speaking on the podcast, Bella Shmurda explained that he made the decision four years ago out of concerns for his future and the impact of weed on his mental well-being. Despite still smoking cigarettes, he clarified that he had completely stopped smoking weed.

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“I don’t smoke igbo [weed]. I used to, but I started having anxieties smoking weed. I started getting scared of the future,” revealed Bella Shmurda during the podcast. “So, four years ago, I stopped smoking weed. I just take cigarettes and liquor.”

The artist dispelled the common belief that marijuana enhances creativity, stating that, in his case, it had a negative impact on his mental state and creativity.

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“Everything I was doing when I was smoking weed, I was having anxieties. At a point, it was affecting me in the studio. I would just be lost in the middle. It wasn’t working anymore. I just have to stop. That was earlier in my career. It wasn’t helping,” he shared.