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‘Nigerian Doctor’ urges Makinde to implement healthcare funds, increase salaries


In an open letter addressed to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, Nigerian doctors at have pleaded for urgent action to address the healthcare crisis in the state.

Expressing their concerns on X, the doctors highlighted the dire consequences of the ongoing brain drain and called for the implementation of crucial funds to alleviate the situation.

“We plead with you to implement the previously approved funds for Medical Residency Training Fund, CONMESS 35% salary increase, Hazard allowance, and Intern waiver allowance,” the doctors stated in their letter.

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Highlighting the severity of the brain drain in Nigeria’s healthcare sector, the doctors expressed their dismay at the exodus of their colleagues in search of better opportunities abroad. They emphasized that even well-paying cities like Lagos struggle to retain doctors, exacerbating the crisis in Ogbomosho and beyond.

The letter revealed staggering statistics from LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, with only 70 resident doctors instead of the required 270, and just 10 house officers instead of 48.

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The doctors also disclosed that three doctors resigned last week alone, further worsening the shortage of medical personnel.

Expressing concerns about the overworked state of the remaining doctors, the letter highlighted the risks posed to the citizens of Oyo State. The doctors emphasized the urgent need for action to prevent more resignations and potential strikes due to inadequate income.

Despite the approval of funds for healthcare initiatives, the doctors lamented that Oyo State is yet to implement them, making it the only South West State facing this issue.

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Urging the governor to prioritize the welfare of healthcare workers and citizens, the doctors appealed for prompt intervention to prevent further deterioration of the healthcare system.

In response the Oyo state government responded by stating that “complaints concerning the Medical Residency Training Fund and other matters relating to the remuneration of Resident doctors at the LAUTECH Teaching Hospital have been forwarded to the authorities and are being looked into.”