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Japa: Nigerians react as Pastor says ‘generations will regret’ it


Japa: Nigerians react as Pastor says 'generations will regret' it

Pastor Femi Emmanuel of Divine Grace Ministry in Lagos has issued a strong warning to Nigerians considering emigration, a trend known as “Japa.”

He cautioned that those who leave the country in search of better opportunities abroad will face regrettable consequences for themselves and their descendants.

During one of his sermon, Pastor Emmanuel did not mince words as he urged his congregants to rethink their plans to relocate. “You and your generation will regret it,” he stated, emphasizing the potential long-term negative impacts of leaving Nigeria.

Pastor Emmanuel’s comments come at a time when many Nigerians are seeking better economic prospects and improved living conditions outside the country, driven by economic instability, political uncertainty, and insecurity.

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His message has resonated with some who fear the loss of talent and the brain drain that could exacerbate Nigeria’s challenges. However, it has also sparked a diverse range of reactions online.

@mr_lovable001 commented, “This man is making a lot of sense but you guys won’t comprehend anyways. How will I block him, pls?”

@yemiodu disagreed with the pastor, saying, “Japa was the best decision of my life. No regrets, pastor.”

@blissz21 questioned the pastor’s consistency, “Hope his own kids are rock solid seated in Nigeria. If not, silence button. >>>>>”

@emeka_ added, “For those who Nigeria is favoring, they can choose to stay. Those who find greener pastures abroad can go there. Nigeria is a great country but it kills the dreams of many.”

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@funlola_f offered a more reflective view, “What I can deduce from this message, find your purpose and allow God to lead you on a direct path.”

Some users speculated about the pastor’s motives. @mekybliss wrote, “He’s not seeing a lot of people with tithe again? Oh.”

@toyin_imani suggested, “He excused education because his children are probably studying abroad. I know what you are, Sir.”

Others expressed their firm intention to leave despite the warning. @thestudentconnectv stated, “We’ll Japa and never regret it 🙏 >>>>>>,” while @ajimovoix_drums added, “I’ll never regret it IJN button >>>>.”

@biyiadeleke cited a biblical reference, “The LORD had said to Abram, ‘Leave your native country, your relatives, and your father’s family, and go to the land that I will show you.'”

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Not all reactions were critical. @successme_360 wrote, “I won’t blame the man, I blame his gullible members.”

@ambrucelee_ asked, “Where are his children?” and @efewarriboy3 dismissed the comments, “This one no get talk.”

@plato_15 stated simply, “I disagree 100%,” while @theblackmentor_ shared a personal anecdote, “I once had a pastor who preached like him, but his children were all based in the USA. Just do you!”

@jamiepajoel humorously recalled, “Exactly what someone said to me many years ago only for me to find out that her kids are in Canada 🇨🇦 😂😂😂😂.”