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Corruption in politics is ‘people-driven’ – Senator Ndume


In a candid revelation, Chief Whip of the Senate, Ali Ndume, shed light on the nature of corruption in Nigerian politics, describing it as “people-driven” and often involving the sharing of stolen funds with the populace.

Ndume made these remarks during an appearance on Channels TV Politics Today, where he discussed the issue of death penalty as a deterrent for drug-related offenses.

The senator acknowledged the prevalence of corruption among politicians but argued that compared to other forms of corruption, it is relatively minor. He explained, “Our corruption is people-driven. If you steal it, you will go and share it with the people. If you don’t, you are not coming back for four years.”

Despite admitting to the existence of corruption within political circles, Ndume expressed reservations about implementing the death penalty for individuals caught stealing government funds. However, he endorsed the death penalty for drug dealers, emphasizing the severity of their crimes and the devastating impact of drugs on society.

Ndume’s remarks come in the wake of the Senate’s passage of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Act (Amendment Bill) 2024, which proposes the death penalty for those convicted of trading in hard drugs and narcotics. The bill has sparked debate among stakeholders, with some advocating for its implementation while others express reservations, questioning its effectiveness and ethical implications.